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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we begin with breaking news, another terrifying tragedy in or land owe, this time, an alligator attacks a toddler at a disney resort. we are live with the frantic search underway right now. >> i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. >> the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is overwhelming. >> that is the sadest thing i have ever heard. heart breaking stories of survival are coming from the orlando shooting massacre, hear how victims from philadelphia escaped as we learn more about what the gun man's wife knew before the attack. caught on cameras kind of crime that destroys trust in others. who this man pretended to be so he could steel from a fast food restaurant. pretty bizarre story there. it is wednesday, june 15th, good morning, glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer in for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. happy wednesday. we have very strange police activity on the schuylkill
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eastbound i will get to that. other than that things are looking okay. >> everything is dry out there it will stay that way initially for morning commute but we will go outside, really pleasant looking view as we take a live look from witt field elementary school in reading. technically west lawn but it is still quiet and pleasant around the region as a whole. looking closely just in the last hour loop, storm scan three, zoom it out you can see moisture starting to move our way, our modeling is trying to pick up that we end up with a quick shower at some point as we look ahead to the afternoon but what to expect tomorrow, well that end up being our wet day. scattered showers, likely thunderstorm and probably some pockets of steady rain. but back to the day at hand we are kicking things off to a quiet note, rebounding to the low to mid 80's as we should but there will potentially be a quick shower at this point this afternoon and more than anything majority of the region seeing a cloud building in with time as we await approach of the next system.
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meisha, over to you. we are looking at here is medical emergency ramp from blue route north bound to route one northbound pulled off to the side. it looks like they are trying to get this taken care of. the i'll call your tension to this area, schuylkill eastbound past girard, we have a report of the right lane, you can see being block and right shoulder, very peculiar around this area, you will have gaper delay. we have police activity, and we have fire trucks out there, not quite sure what is going on, if you the gaper delay is starting to right now to form, you can know see but coming up there is an overpass with more activity going on there heads up schuylkill eastbound past girard that right shelledder and right lane compromised. plus brake lights going off and gaper delay and whatever is going on there admiral wilson boulevard eastbound moving in the right lane, two right lanes are block for that construction. i have got an update on the gas main repairs in a little bit as well. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. breaking news out of orlando
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florida. once again at the center of headlines again for a horrific tragedy. >> alligator drags a two-year old boy in the lake near grand floridaan resort. don champion is live in orlando as authorities continue to search for that child, don. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and brewer. nightmare turn off events for these parents. desperate search for this little boy has gone on for several hours now and still no sign of him. that search will only intensify as daylight gets here. dozens of officers and other law enforcement personnel are searching the seven seas lah goon for a two-year old boy attacked and dragged away by a alligator around 9:30 tuesday night. helicopters, boats with sonar equipment with an alligator trapper are part of the operation. >> as a father, as a grandfather, we are going to hope for the best and in these
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circumstances but based upon my 35 years of law enforcement experience we know that we have some challenge is a head of us at this time. >> reporter: authorities say that the toddler was weighing in the lake in about a foot of water when attack by the gator that was four to 7 feet long. father grabbed the boy but could not rest will him away, the child has in the been seen since. >> we're putting every effort into locating the child and trapping this alligator. >> reporter: sheriff says no one else was in the the water at the time but there were other witnesses in a life guard nearby. nebraska family of four arrived on june 12th for a vacation at the up scale disney resort. >> everyone here at the walt disney world resort is devastated by this tragic accident. our thoughts are with the family, we are helping the family in doing everything that we can to assist law enforcement. >> reporter: sheriff says there were in other recent
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reports of alligator attacks in the lake as there are signs that says no swimming posted in the area. at one point last night more than 50 people were taking part in this search, disney says it is now helping the family and that everyone here at the resort is just devastated by what happened, brooke and nicole. >> i can only imagine, what is the search plan to day. >> reporter: well, we are expect to get an update on the search in about a half april hour or so but last night it was all hand on deck kind of a situation. sonar equipment was brought out. you have to remember this incident happened right around the time night fell over this area. certainly this will be the first light to hit this area since that incident happened so that will definitely help, but last tonight there was helicopter out there, so very likely that could happen again today. >> wow, i just can't imagine. >> absolutely. >> horrifying. >> thanks, don. now to the latest on the the night club shooting massacre, investigators keep looking for clues that will lead them to why a gunman
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opened fire inside of that night club. he killed 49 people and wounded dozens more before police shot him to death. sources tell cbs news that nora salmon the wife of the gunman omar mateen tried to prevent her husband from carrying out the attack. the fbi has interviewed her twice and given her a polygraph test. it continues to investigate whether mateen was a regular at the pulse nightclub. his wife told investigators that the couple had been there before. evidence the from the gunman's cell phone and computer reveals he was inspired by radical islam idealology. federal investigators are working with that data to piece together his movements in the days and weeks before the murders. a philadelphian who survived that terrible morning just outside the club is now talking bit. patients carter went to pulse nightclub with akyra murray and tiara parker. murray was kill. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live from west catholic high school holding a vigil for murray tonight, justin. >> reporter: nicole just last week murray finished west
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catholic number three in her class and now today in a tram i can turn off events the host a vigil in her honor. >> i never thought in a million year that my eyes could witness something so tragic. >> reporter: putting her pain to paper patients carter recounts those agonizing hours she and her friend and strangers spent together packed inside of that pulse nightclub rest room. what for some would be their final moments alive. >> we went from having the time of our lives to the worst night of our lives all within a matter of minutes. >> reporter: carter, her friend tiara parker and her cousin akyra murray were on vacation in orlando a night at pulse was to be a highlight. hearst later this he were cram together inside a bathroom stall and shot while trying to escape the bullets. akyra just 18 was hit in her arm and later died. >> me, my cousin, patients we were laying on top of everybody we were first people, so we took the first
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set of have bullets. >> murray finish third in her class and was a promising basketball star with much to live for. >> my cousin died as a hero. had it in the been for her a lot more people would have been dead. >> reporter: back home murray's friend are mourning looks of her spirit. >> it will be hard to lose someone like her. i'm or that i she's gone. hopefully she's watching down on all of us. >> reporter: murray was a recent 1,000-point scorer, she again, finished third in her class here at west catholic. she was intent on continuing her basketball career at mercyhurst university, today's vigil is set for 6:00 p.m. and reserved for friend and family only. nicole and brooke, back inside to you. >> thanks, justin. there are several more tributes to the orlando victims around our area tonight. ben franklin bridge will be lit in rainbow colors starting tonight through saturday n delaware county is there a vigil starting 59:30.
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people will gather in front of the delaware county courthouse in media and read names of the 49 victims, and say they will push for tighter gun control laws. is there another candle light vigil at intersection of the state and main streets in doylestown. organizers say you should bring candle and a friend at 8:00 tonight. police are investigating five people shot in wilmington delaware this happened shortly after 9:00 near elm street and south van buren street. all five people shot are in stable condition. the nearby residents say he was with his family and they took cover when they heard the gun shots. >> we were doing a little karaoke, having a good time and next thing you know you hear a whole bunch of shots. i put my family to the ground. made sure they were okay. they didn't get hit. >> very scary. there is in word on any arrests this morning. this is cell phone video from "eyewitness news" viewer phil raino that fire fighters got to clemens uniform rentals
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in lapse dale montgomery county. a fire broke out there around 11:30 last night and hazmat teams were called out as a precaution. it took fire crews more than an hour to control the fire and there are no injuries and causes under investigation. coming up in campaign 2016 donald trump attacks president obama and hillary clinton meets with bernie zappedders in the nation's capitol. hear what the candidates to have say. bill cosby's lawyers make another request before his sex assault casings to trial, find out what they are asking the judge for now. an important warning for pet owners, scar guess little puppy had to undergo emergency surgery after swallowing a common household item, see what quickly expanded in her stomach coming up. >> ♪
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>> ahh, when are marching or maybe walking or driving to work we're glad you are starting your day with us. we will have more what you can expect weather-wise as we wake up this wednesday morning. we will be right b
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. in campaign 2016 donald trump paid a visit to north carolina last night. >> protesters greeted the presumptive republican presidential nominee, some were removed from inside the a reen, others were arrested
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outside. in a wide ranging speech, trump talk about the shooting in orlando and criticized president obama's response. >> political correctness is deadly, they don't want to talk about the problem. i watched president obama today and he was more angry at me then he was at the shooter. >> trump also renewed his call for temporary ban on muslims entering the country. on the democratic side hillary clinton met with bernie sanders in washington d.c. rival candidates say they have agreed to work together to defeat donald trum in december. meeting lasted for two hours and both side said that they have discussed a variety of issues in an effort to find common ground. >> we are going to fight as hard as we can to create a democratic party which represents the working families and le income people in this country. >> sanders has not officially endorsed clinton, he has vowed in recent weeks to take the
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fight for nomination all the way to the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. let's switch things up and talk weather, katie tracking changes, is that right. >> yes, indeed we are starting to see a few signs on of lauf in the form of very light showers in western maryland. this front is beginning to lift north. as it does so it will trigger some showers in our area most noteably later tonight and tomorrow. however, it does appear as though this may be speeding up and bringing in a couple showers by say early afternoon across our southwestern region which i will show you. here's the system at hand that will cross through. there will be lower pressure that dives south east looking ahead to friday. there is a lot of moving piece west this system but in short we are starting off on a nice quiet note. you can see cloud rebuild and here's where future weather picks up on that possibility of shower by early afternoon, here southwest. primarily, of the city of philadelphia, rest of you up
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the northeast don't have to worry about it. looking ahead to tomorrow scattered showers overnight and tomorrow morning there could be heavy rain pockets that push through and we are not necessarily best timing. 6:00 in the morning as rush hour is starting to getting here. down the shore heading, uncle bill's pancake house or something like that you may need to break out umbrella to get on that walk down the boardwalk. looking forward the heaviest rain comes tomorrow in the morning right now, lingering showers rest of the day and then that next area have low pressure dives south east through friday. there is a possibility south of the poconos, south of the city especially up with some lingering showers but it does look like cloud break for sunshine hitting the mountains in the next couple of days here watching for wet weather to move in, most noteably tomorrow. that is the story for rest of us here as a whole. tommy will keep umbrella ready to go, lingering showers likely from philly south south east especially through our friday and we will clear it out for what promises to be a gorgeous weekend. meisha, over to you.
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>> thanks, katie, good morning everybody. this is where we have police activity around the schuylkill eastbound past girard where we have activity. this is the schuylkill eastbound, at girard, right before girard where we had backups. now it looks like tension is starting to ease here. construction looking good here around the schuylkill just a lot of vehicles both moving in the east and westbound side at this point. ninety-five south at cottman coming around the s curve you can see how busy it is on interstate 95 and it is only quarter past six. we necessity this will be a hot spot. typically is in the 6:00 o'clock hour and shaping up to be that way right now. blue route taillights moving in the southbound direction at ridge pike. we are looking pretty goody would say we are busiest in the southbound side then north bound side. keep your mind opened to the fact that the blue route will heat upright around 6:30 and construction here pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between valley hill road and virginia drive, we will have a moving crew in the left lane i will have an update on mass trans tonight a bit but first we will take a quick break, stay right where yo
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jury plans to deliberate in the federal racketeering trial of the pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. defense wrapped up two days of closing arguments, the 11 term demies accused of arranging an illegal campaign loan and then paying back part of it with federal grant money and charitable donations. fattah denies the charges. bill cosby's defense team is asking once again for a chance to cross-examine his
6:21 am
accuser, before the sexual assault casings to trial. cosby's accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand in 2004. he says that their encounter was consensual, a montgomery county judge has set a hearing date for july 7th. now for a look at this morning's newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the font page of the times hurled a new anti hazing law is about to take effect in pennsylvania. >> the original law applied to colleges but this new legislation expands the definition of anti hazing laws to include grades seven through two. the bill initial to effect july 25th. intelligencer reports taxpayers face a 4.4 percent tax hike, centennial school board passed 2016/17 budget and greed to a new contract with the teachers union m junior of the tax increase is going to pensions. burlington county times a bill to honor military dogs is proposed, u.s. senator robert
6:22 am
menendez wants to create the first department of defense, combination for military working dogs and their hand letters. right now military dogs are considered equipment and therefore not eligible for a official medals. >> that is a look at the newspaper headlines from across the delaware valley. still to come on "eyewitness news" big change apple could be making to iphone screens. >> and this curious puppy needed emergency surgery after he ate a common household item and it grew, inside of his stomach. >> scary. >> see what he ate so same thing doesn't happen tour pet, hi katie. we are looking to the start of what promises to be a pleasant day overall we are waiting for our next system to move in, some may see wet weather earlier then anticipated, we will have details and timing coming
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philadelphia police are searching for a man who impersonated a fire fighter. the incident happened june 10th at the store on westerly high avenue. that man stated he was a fireman from ladder one and there to change out fire extinguishers but instead he collect $476 and took off. he is described as a white man in his early to mid 40's. in oklahoma, now is the time to pet proof your home, after a mishap that almost cost their best friend her life. this is lake, a playful, curious six month-old, dog, who got the in to some gorilla
6:26 am
glue. less than 24 hours later, lake was in trouble and she was rush to the vet, within minutes lake was in emergency surgery. >> small amount that had blown up to the size of the turkey leg. it was just inside of her stomach. >> so the glue, once it gets to the stomach, it slowly starts to expand and you can see here the shape of the stomach. you get a mold. >> my goodness. >> vet shows it, now hard as a rock. lake is recovering but owner and vet says now is the time to make sure any dangerous materials are out of reach of your pet and kid. >> wow. >> to think it expanded, to that size that poor puppy. thank god they are okay. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" a frantic search underway at a popular disney resort. this is unimaginable after an alligator dragged a toddler in the lake. hear how his father tried to stop that attack. >> plus this. >> details are starting to
6:27 am
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. katie says the sunshine will give way to cloudy skies ape she's tracking exactly when that rain will start to move in. good morning so glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer. i'm brooke thomas. it is 6:30. the here's what we need to know today in your morning minute. everyone here at the walt disney world resort is devastate by this tragic accident. >> a child is still missing after an alligator driving into a lake. sadly officials admit they are in the likely to recover him alive. fbi is looking into whether to charge nora salmon, wife of the omar mateen. >> i never thought that my
6:31 am
eyes could witness something so tragic. >> akyra murray and patients carter initially made it out of the pulse nightclub but they ran back in when they realized their friend tiara parker was still inside. >> very dangerous. >> reporter: police are investigating five people shot in wilmington delaware this happened shortly after 9:00 in the area of elm street and south van buren street. >> go.. >> getting crazy there. late, late show james corden having entirely too much fun as he always does. i love this guy. >> yes. >> he is so cute, racing around with top gear host and actor matt le blank. >> yes.
6:32 am
>> katie? >> big fan of james corden. he is so adorable. >> we are starting off on a quiet note as well. starting with sunshine yet again. we will have the jacket yet again, little cool but thankfully not terribly mr. breezy at all. most experiencing a calm wind. we are in the middle of what i like to call transition mode, eventually sunshine will yield to wet weather and you can see moisture beginning to pick up. we will zoom it out and throw satellite coverage overtop as well. moisture starting to lift in. there is a good shot that some for southwestern half of the area and elsewhere, quick shower at some point, and that is always a possibility. looking more likely at this point for the most part sunnies just building or yielding to some clouds as the day goes on. nice start. outside middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse in live neighborhood network. cameras are looking lovely this morning. we have got temperatures held back in the mid to letter 50's outside of philadelphia so we are essentially at warmest
6:33 am
spot in the city. also mild for at least the region as a whole in wildwood but where we have 50's not a bad idea to grab a fleece or a sweat shirt on your way out the door. we will start with the sunshine and mild air doesn't necessarily mean we will keep it all day. cloud rebuild. there is a shock for shower southwest of the city. hitting the beach today expect to start with the sun and then cloud build in with time, meisha, back over to you. >> thanks for that update. traffic is looking good right now. we are starting to heat up now. around 6:30 in the morning. we are looking at schuylkill eastbound at city avenue, just beyond those trees is westbound side. both east and westbound of the schuylkill are certainly starting to heat up, westbound looking very busy right now right around city avenue. when we take boulevard southbound toward the schuylkill jumping on that westbound toward city avenue this is what we are looking at here very busy on the boulevard pushing southbound and then of course slow down as you jump on the schuylkill. the once you are on the
6:34 am
schuylkill you saw what that looks like, looks slow. vine moving in the westbound direction also looking very slow especially you can see brake lights trying to get on the schuylkill from the vine. overall moving in the westbound direction vine is looking slow. moving in the eastbound side not as quite as heavy. we know that is the bait and switch every five minutes that is changing. east and westbound on the vine we are heating up. construction street road westbound between stump road and second street pike we are all clear. all good on street road. construction pennsylvania turnpike eastbound westbound valley hill road and virginia drive moving cruz in the the left lane. that may be cleared out of the way now. route 168 northbound between newton creek and route 1302 left lanes are blocked. that will be block right around 7:00 a.m. right at the heart of the rush hour this should be clearing out of the way in new jersey have the overall things are slowing down, 24 on the schuylkill. thirty-nine on the vine. eighteen on interstate 95 moving in the southbound direction. nicole, back over to you. breaking news out of orlando florida as search
6:35 am
continues for a missing toddler after an alligator drags a two-year old in the lake. the this is just heart breaking. it happened just outside disney's grand floridaan resort around 9:00 last night. that child was waiting in the what ther with his family in an area with no swimming signs were posted. police say father tried to wrestle his child away from that alligator. >> the father was there near by and the child was playing in the water just a foot or so in the water, anal gator came up and attacked. >> he saw this happen. >> yes, and the father at some point struggled to try to get his son and was not successful and then alerted others to try to assist him in the process. >> the father has scratches to his hands we're told, family fridays nebraska and staying at that resort on vacation. police are using sonar equipment to search the lake for child and they say they have no record of this ever happening in the past, brooke. we are also learning more
6:36 am
details about the gunman behind the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. investigators tell us, omar mateen went to work the day of the shooting as a security guard, went home and then went on a shooting page. kenneth craig brings up to dayton this shooting rampage. >> reporter: investigators turning their attention to one man, she was married to omar mateen, the gun man who went on a shooting rampage inside the pulse nightclub in orlando. >> my god people are getting shot. >> reporter: police say salmon told them she and mateen had gone to the gay nightclub before and she said she tried to convince them not to go through with the attack. >> i didn't notice anything. she was a very good girl, honest. >> reporter: as investigators dig into mateen's past, they say they have seen him at pulse before. >> they used to come in the bar about on the weekend
6:37 am
sometimes. >> in the only did mateen call 911 but sources tell cbs news that he also made a facebook post pledging his allegiance to isis while randomly shooting in the crowd. >> he would just say take care of me, please, don't leave me. i was going to take care of him, you said something bad about him i would be the one that would stick up for him because he was american just a friend he was like a brother. >> reporter: dimitri noland survived but his friend eddie justice a 30 year-old tax accountant was one of the 49 people didn't make it out alive. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". some of those who survived deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history are talking about how they cheated death. jason gonzales, who is originally from wildwood, new jersey moved to orlando a decade ago. he was with his friend at the pulse nightclub sunday morning when the gun man opened fire. he did escape, but once he got out he realized his friend was still inside the club.
6:38 am
>> when i turned to go look back to see if angel is right behind me, he wasn't, so i started to go crazy. i'm just screaming his name. i get a face time and it is angel on the ground. he is crying, scared, he got shot. >> now thank goodness angel cologne survived, of course in, tribute to the police office shore got him to the hospital and the doctors who saved his life. names of the 49 victims were read allowed in the vigil last night, in collinswood. members of the largest lb gt community in south jersey came together for the vigil and to support one another. they had friend that were gay in orlando and they came back to see if they were safe. funeral services for cristina grimmie will be held this week in medicine ford.
6:39 am
vigil took place to honor the slain singer this friday a viewing will take place the 3:00 p.m. at fellowship alliance chapel. a memorial service is scheduled for 8:00 o'clock that night. 22-year old evesham township native was shot and killed last week signing autographs, after a show in orlando, florida. happening today federal reservists expected to leave interest rates alone, when it wraps up a two day meeting. >> it is a decision may be in part to the weak jobs report in may. labor department says employers added only 38,000 jobs last month. and also today there is a new credit card designed for americans going to cuba florida based stone gate bank says master card will allow travel tours charge purchases at state run businesses and few private ones. cuba will exempt car from a 10 e dollar. apple might be giving its iphone screen a make over. company has a patent for a 360-e phone. would it allow owners to watch video that play on both side
6:40 am
of the screen and display a photo that could run in a continuing loop. so far no comment from apple. >> what? >> i don't understand that. >> we know how excited that apple users get when they come up with something new. >> still to come. >> coming up kevin hart robbed. >> find out what they took from the comedian as jan is in the studio. >> philly first up and coming stars in the world of dance come together for one night only where you can catch them tonight, pat. hi jan good morning do you spell that, that is leather being kicked in the morning. look at these guys getting fit here. when you come back i will look like that
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it is no laughing matter for comedian and philadelphia native kevin hart. >> he got home from vacation to find his california home ransacked by thieves. los angeles police say it happened over the weekend, more than half million-dollar
6:44 am
worth of items including jewelry, clothes, watches, it was all taken. >> by the way hart's latest film central intelligence hits theaters this friday so hopefully that gives him kind of a boost. >> what a shame. >> one of the hottest new work outs these days is muay thai and, of course, we have to try it or at least said pat. >> that is right, pat gallen is live in northern liberties where you can get a great work out or learn finer points of the art of eight limbs, pat, what are you doing. >> well, i'm working out, latherd up a little sweat this morning and here at stay fly muay thai. i'm here with the owner. love the purple hair. looking good. >> thank you. >> give us your background how did you get involved. >> i got involved in muay thai in 2004 i got into it. he casually invite meade to check it out. i thought wait as i crazy
6:45 am
thing. i was good at it. and i got into it. i start training for real, and i had my first fight in june. i turned pro, less than two years later. i have had 77 total fights. >> seventy-seven fights. >> yes. >> if i want to learn you are the guy to learn from. >> absolutely. >> we are hanging out doing stuff behind us, how can i become like them. >> lots of hard training. the these files work because they do it all the time. they love this. they make it part of their life. >> show me something, show me something, how to i start. >> so first thing you want to does stance. left foot forward, right foot back. and then, hand and legs high. every time i will show you which pad i want to you hit. left, left, right, right. >> so, two will be here and three will be here. good, that is it. new listen, one, two, good, that is it. two, three.
6:46 am
>> yeah, i can count good three, two. >> yes. >> one. >> that is it. >> now next thing we will do is push. >> push. >> bottom of the foot will push in the middle of the pad. good, perfect. throw your hand down. >> yes. >> good. >> one more time. one, two. give me a push. >> you got it. >> i got to to the hand thing. >> one more time. >> yes. >> good. >> what makes this such a good work out. >> so a lot of hard work cardiovascular work but also, if you really are working on concentrating learning techniques. the kind of the by product side effect of getting in great shape. something that people can concentrate on and work hard and huffing and puffing, getting a little strength in with some strikes, resistance stuff and some muscle work but also, concentrating on learning a and not just sweating. >> guys, i'm sweating already this morning. brooke and nicole, get down
6:47 am
here and learn some stuff. >> you pick that up quickly. >> you look good out there, pat, we're proud of you. >> i'm working, i'm working. >> working on the fitness. >> all right. >> pat. >> crazy guy. >> lets send it over to katie? >> no sweat for pat. >> boom, nice. >> thank you that was good. >> brooke doesn't seem as convinced. >> no, no. >> i appreciate that. let's switch gears, shall we take a look outside, this is kind of forecast you will in the sweat that much because dew points are nice and low, humidity low, temperatures very comfortable right now. we will zero in on our eyewitness weather watcher reports. ed heaton is seeing cloud build in here and seeing higher humidity, flirting with hup percent. moisture is moving in. this is a day of transition for our area, folks sole we will see that moisture creep in. some could see a shower before
6:48 am
the the day is out. in wilmington, sally heely in studio weather watchers. this is a great morning if you want to take a walk, enjoy cool, crisp air. dew point are low. lets take you to one more. lets check out 48 degrees here. cooler spot by comparison to many locations but in browns mills, that is what maryann is reporting. she has a low dew point at 48 degrees with the sunshine. you may see ative rent cloud cover. you can understand why. some of that moisture and cloud cover lifting north right now, and this area of low pressure is what will eventually drop south east. so that is what is going to eventually be producing our next round of rain, starting as early as this afternoon depending where you you are, south western half of the area sold see a shower but generally speaking holds off until later tonight the in to tomorrow, maybe some left over on friday. in the meantime our health report is as such air quality maryland rate, pollen levels moderate, uv index is still high but again as we
6:49 am
transition included will start to rebuild for us here in the eyewitness weather seven day, as i said, early as this afternoon, but generally wet weather holds off until tomorrow with lingering showers, on friday. so some of those rain pockets meisha could be locally steady and heavy and might happen for tomorrow morning's drive, too. >> good to know, great, thank you so much. this weekend looks great for fathers day. good morning everyone. we have an accident here overturned vehicle pulled all the way out schuylkill eastbound past 202 block ago this left lane causing everyone to move over, and, of course, making a line here, and what is happening there is gaper delay going past it. so just know that is an overturned vehicle. that is moving camera around. that is also out there delaware county 95 north at 452, take that all the way to the airport. this is looking pretty slow. ben franklin bridge, moving in the westbound side, from new jersey, we are looking okay. would say looking busy there. we've accident out there in north wales. welsh road at route 309, bethlehem pike make note of that for those in and around
6:50 am
that area gas main repairs. also out there between the route 38 eastbound between route the 30 and route 70. two lanes blocked until around right now. nicole back over to you. >> meisha, thanks very much. >> you might be in the habit of riding a bike, casual clothes, spandex or t-shirts. >> maybe. charity bike ride in philadelphia later this month has a different dress code. ukee washington has this weeks story of brotherly love. >> these bicyclist look fashions of yesterday so they are inviting people to join them and dress for a different time you know maybe, just maybe, john petty the second was meant to be born at the turn of the century. >> i absolutely adore the civility, the manners, of the age. i fell in love with it. >> he is just one of the vintage aficionados who call themselves men are dandy, women are quainttells.
6:51 am
>> underground society in philadelphia that is bringing back fashion, history, music. >> not to mention games, john's wife dawn loves it too, she's sporting a hat, bow tie and vintage style two tone shoes inspired by 1920's. i have to admit i enjoy the dressing up for it. >> on saturday june 25th they are inviting people to dress up for a charity bike ride starting in olde city, they call it the philly vintage bike and social. >> i think it is a great opportunity to get outdoors, to experience at the beginning at least this part of philadelphia. >> ride will end with a picnic like this games like this, and contest for best dread. part of the proceeds will go to neighborhood bike works a charity that trains young people to restore bikes and develop a life long love of biking. >> having something maybe in the just about we are all going to dress up in our thread and making it more
6:52 am
charitable is great. >> now john assures us that this isn't a bike race. >> there will be no vigorous work outs. we are going to be going about seven or maybe 8 miles over about two hours. it is all between the two rivers so it is nice and flat. >> you could say it is elevating the bike ride. they hope to make it an annual event. the once again seer sucker vintage bike and social is sat the day june 25th, find out how to buy tickets at cbs i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it is first for philly dance community. >> the pennsylvania ballet and fill dan co take the stage together. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us live with what fans can expect. >> this is a really fun one you cannot wait for this first and foremost dancers in these two professional groups have gone ton perform with world renoun companies, so this really is chance to see rising stars of the dance world. now they had aism lar show race year but tonight's program will be the first time
6:53 am
a special piece was choreographed for two groups to perform as one. >> ♪ >> it is ballet and contemporary at its finest. their specialty may be different passion behind their movement is very much the same, dance is life. >> kind of just like you cannot live without it, it just kind of happens, whatever it takes. >> we do it every day, we work very hard, gives me something to look forward to every day. >> after weeks of rehearsal the second companies of the pennsylvania ballet and fill dan co are looking forward to their next big performance. >> i absolutely love this program, one of my favorite programs to do. >> program is called together we dance, in it, they will share the stage for one night only and it will be first time in both company's long history that they perform a piece together. >> for a lot of years we were waving at each other across the park but now not having very much intersection.
6:54 am
>> pv2 and danco two apprentice group at fill dan co and ultimately to develop the skills needed for a successful career in the business. >> you work to be heard, you do the same steps, day in and day out in training. >> in fact these dancers represent the rising stars of the world of ballet and contemporary, sarah gabriel ryan fridays northeast philadelphia and was inspired by pennsylvania ballet dancer 59 years old. >> i fell in love with her and i thought that is what i want to do and be just like her and she's actually the director of the school of pennsylvania ballet. >> now it is her turn. >> inspire others and live my dream this is what we love. i get to do it every day. >> now a lot of those dancers are local too. you saw sarah there. she's a philly girl she did all of her training in philadelphia she was inspired by pennsylvania ballet and now members of the pvtwo. now tickets for tonight's show cost $20 in advance and $25 at the door. the show starts at 7:00 p.m.
6:55 am
at painted bride art center, ticket are available on line. we have a link at cbs you can't miss that. >> beautiful expression. with the week we have had and our country has add it is a nice way to remember is there so much beauty. >> it will put a smile on your face for sure. >> thanks, jan. >> we will be right back.
6:56 am
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it is three to go. >> a vigil to honor akyra murray is planned at west catholic high. murray was killed sunday in the massacre in orlando. >> right now authorities are searching for two-year old boy who was dragged in the lake by ab alligator last night this happened at grand floridaan resort and spa in orlando. so far this child has not been found. president obama meets with the dalai lama today at the white house, that three is to go. >> tough week for news. also want to get a check of weather and traffic this morning. >> yeah, we are at least starting the day off on a quiet note quick check of the seven day forecast we may see showers and early this afternoon but generally it looks like we will start to see that wet weather moving in later tonight and into tomorrow. >> sound good. cbs this morning is next have a good day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, june 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an alligator drags a 2-year-old boy into a lake at disney world. we're following the frantic overnight search for the child. the orlando shooter's wife tells investigators she tried to stop her husband's attack on the nightclub. plus, newly uncovered video gives a glimpse into the shooter's past. wounded survivors begin sharing chilling account from inside the club. the heart wrenching stories reveal courage and compassion in the face of terror. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we just want to keep searching. we want to keep searching and searching until we can't search


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